Several important problems that are more likely to occur in mobile scissor lifts

The mobile scissor lift is a relatively common lifting equipment, with a large number of conventional lifts and higher performance. It is also one of the more widely used lifting equipment. According to the summary of elevator equipment problems compiled by our company in recent years, several important problems that often occur in mobile scissor elevators can be summarized.

  1. The mobile scissor lift is more likely to have the problem of tilting the worktable. The reasons for the tilt of the table can be divided into two categories: human factors and product reasons. Human factors are mainly caused by inattention to daily use and non-compliance with the methods that cause various elevator problems.
  2. Due to the defects of the mobile scissor lift and the wear after use:
  3. Severe cylinder wear, uneven closed inner ring damage or inner ring blockage can easily cause uneven force, resulting in uneven lifting height. It is recommended to carefully check whether the cylinder is normal.
  4. Foreign matter enters the inside of the oil supply pipe, resulting in uneven supply of hydraulic oil and uneven surface of the worktable. It is recommended to carefully check whether the fuel supply pipe is unblocked.
  5. The inconsistent production size of the support rod is the quality defect of the mobile elevator equipment itself. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer for replacement. The possibility of this situation is very small.
  6. The inconsistent shafts in the middle of the support rods cause the lifting platform to fail to work normally, the platform is severely damaged, and the workbench is tilted. Please check carefully.

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