Introduction and classification of self-propelled folding boom lifts


Folding arm lift, is a 360 ° rotating lift to send pedestrians or goods of hydraulic lifting tools. Folding boom lift has the characteristics of easy movement, simple operation, large working surface, good balance performance, etc. In the case of uneven road surface, that is, four legs can be supported at the same time, can also be supported by a single leg, easy to operate and use, so it is widely used in fire fighting, municipal, electric power, street lighting, advertising, communications, photography, gardening, transportation, docks, airports and ports, large industrial and mining enterprises and other industries of the installation and maintenance and aerial work.


According to the walking form can be divided into:


Self-propelled folding arm type and vehicle-mounted folding wall type. The following is a brief introduction to the advantages of self-folding hydraulic lifting platform.


Self-propelled folding arm lift is especially suitable for a variety of rugged terrain in the field, a wide range of space operations, mainly used in construction, bridge construction, shipbuilding, airports, mines, ports and terminals, communications and power facilities construction and outdoor advertising engineering machinery and equipment. No external power supply, rely on their own diesel engine power drive walking and lifting, power, walking speed, flexible use, simple operation, stable operation. Cranks arm structure compact, using new high-quality steel, high strength, light weight, directly using the car’s own power to start, erection speed, with a telescopic arm, the workbench can be raised and extended, but also can be rotated 360 degrees, easy to cross the obstacles to reach the work position, is the ideal aerial work equipment.


The working height of the self-folding boom lift can be improved by increasing the number of folding boom sections under the condition of ensuring safety. At the same time with self-supporting legs, self-lifting, self-walking quality, while crossing an obstacle can also rotate 360 degrees of operation; control system for up and down two-way operation, so as to bring great convenience to the construction personnel, saving working time. And self-folding hydraulic lifts are also equipped with hydraulic lock protection device, even in the case of mechanical failure or diesel engine out of oil, will not suddenly fall, to avoid the existence of safety hazards.


How to buy lifting equipment.


One: the purchase of lifting machinery, can not blindly purchase, to do a full market research, as well as field visits, to determine the size of their companies and their degree of credibility. This is the first and necessary, now many small-scale enterprises in the market in order to seek violence and cut corners, so that the quality of lift products greatly reduced, although they will sell very cheap, but this machinery time with not long, and the risk factor is large. Therefore, as a buyer can not be greedy for a little price of a small bargain and make a bigger regret.


Second: the comprehensive information you investigate, choose a better cost performance of lifting machinery, to choose from its technical parameters as well as practicality and versatility, there are many kinds of lifts usually used, including truck-mounted lifts, fixed lifts, hydraulic lifting platform, scissor lifts, etc., the technical parameters and uses of each are slightly different, but there are many features have similarities, therefore As a customer you have to buy and sell with purpose, that is, you buy lift machinery type to do what, and which lift machinery can meet your needs and use more.


Three: the last point is that, after the arrival of equipment, unpacking and acceptance to check whether the random technical information is complete, random accessories, tools, accessories are consistent with the list, whether the equipment and accessories have damage, defects, etc., and make a good unpacking and acceptance records.

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