Introduction of stationary docking ramp


Fixed boarding bridge is a kind of loading and unloading auxiliary equipment together with the storage platform, fixed boarding bridge and storage platform in one, can be adjusted according to the different heights of different truck compartments, that is to say, the height can be adjusted high or low to facilitate the forklift can better drive into the interior of the truck compartment, fixed boarding bridge using a hydraulic pump station, in its two sides also set up anti-pinch skirt, so that the overall work of the process is more secure, improve the efficiency of the equipment, fixed boarding bridge is made of special shaped steel pipe. The process is more secure, improve the efficiency of the equipment, fixed boarding bridge is made of special shaped steel pipe, its wear-resistant oil steel precision is relatively high, and its table is used to prevent skid plate, the next will explain to you more about the fixed boarding bridge, to help you better understand this auxiliary equipment.


Fixed boarding bridge hydraulic system, if the time of an accident or no power supply, which has an emergency brake function, that is to say, its operation process and then the time of failure, still able to use the platform above the configuration of an anti-pressure to the safety plate, to protect the safety of staff, fixed boarding bridge computer has grounding protection, do not worry about the risk of electric shock. Its electronic control system is also set up a fault, showing that when the electronic control system fails, it can immediately learn the news, its platform can be tilted with the vehicle movement, its configuration and industrial portal lock a safety protection device, fixed boarding bridge loading and unloading platform and set up a lifting point to provide its overall lifting.


Its main structural components are made of better steel, all the steel parts need to go through strict rust removal treatment before spraying primer, after welding can not exist any welding slag and spatter, all the welding seams using carbon dioxide protection welding to welding, so the welding seams are more beautiful and solid. The product is sprayed with four coats of paint, i.e. two coats of primer + intermediate top coat + top coat, the thickness of the paint film is not less than 0.08mm, and polyurethane top coat and varnish are selected. Drying treatment is required.


Fixed boarding bridge is fully hydraulic driven, easy to operate and reliable. The lip plate and the platform are connected by the whole long shaft, with high strength and good reliability. Adopt seals to ensure the hydraulic system has sealing performance. Adopt the overall modular hydraulic station, good sealing, long service life. High strength “U” shaped beam design can guarantee its high load long time operation without deformation. Anti-slip pattern steel plate is adopted to make the platform have good anti-slip performance. Both sides are equipped with anti-rolling foot skirts to prevent accidental injury caused by toes sticking into the platform. There is a support bar to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel when they enter the inside of the fixed boarding bridge for maintenance.

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