Details of the composition and structure of mobile docking bridge


Mobile docking bridge is the auxiliary equipment for cargo loading and unloading used with forklift, which can adjust the height according to the height of the truck compartment, and the forklift can directly drive into the interior of the compartment for bulk loading and unloading of cargo through this equipment, and only single person operation is needed to realize the rapid loading and unloading of cargo. Its rhombic mesh structure fully guarantees excellent anti-slip performance, which makes the forklift have excellent climbing and maneuverability. Even in the rain and snow, it can still ensure normal use. Its adjustable length cable chain can hook the truck conveniently, so that the boarding bridge and the truck always fit closely. Adopting hand-crank hydraulic pump as power, the height adjustment of the boarding bridge can be easily realized without external power supply. The equipped brake pad can effectively prevent the boarding bridge from shifting when loading and unloading the truck.


  1. The hydraulic system of mobile boarding bridge adopts the original Italian imported high quality brand products, with excellent performance and very little maintenance.
  2. Operating the mobile boarding bridge without electric control is extremely simple, just press the button, the adjustment plate will automatically rise; release the button, the adjustment plate by self-weight down, the loose-leaf hitching board on the truck can be used.
  3. Through the power system, the big oil cylinder will raise the whole inclined plate, and when it reaches the top position, the loose-leaf hitching board will be extended smoothly, and all the height adjustment plates are made of high quality patterned steel plates and profiles welded closely by Jinan Jigang, with long life.
  4. There are 3 movable plates on both sides of the adjustment plate respectively, which can effectively avoid the danger of crushing the toes when the adjustment plate descends to ensure safety.
  5. as complex as imagined in front of the base of the adjustment plate for the open design, easy and fast to clean up debris.
  6. the unique design of the “I” steel skeleton can evenly support the pressure, and reduce the torque of the skeleton, more robust than other channel steel structure Durable.
  7. Unique “streamlined” open flap joint design, compared with other traditional tubular joints to increase the welding area of more than 3 times, greatly extending the service life, and convenient maintenance.
  8. in the maintenance, maintenance and cleaning, with the brace rod to support the adjustment plate, more safe and reliable.

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