Guide rail type lift freight elevator


Product Description:


Guide rail lift freight elevator is different from the previous lifts, it is a kind of pump station power system, generate power, relying on the oil cylinder to drive the chain rope, so that the table surface along the guide rail vertical lift, to achieve the purpose of lifting goods between floors.


Features of several types of rail lifts:


1, hydraulic lift is a fixed electric lifting platform, does not need a separate machine room like elevator freight elevator, also does not need a very deep pit, especially suitable for having a basement, warehouse renovation, new shelves, etc., with easy installation and maintenance, beautiful, safe, easy to operate. Guide rail lift freight elevator, there is also a production advantage, can be produced according to the actual environment of the customer’s specific use site.


2、Guideway lift is a hydraulic lift, consisting of hydraulic lifting part, guiding rail and load platform. The basic structure of the guide rail lift is not too complicated. It is a very widely used cargo transportation equipment, through the motor drive oil pump, relying on the cylinder drive heavy-duty chain driven hydraulic lift cargo ladder vertical lift. Due to the use of hydraulic pressure as the lifting power, it has the characteristics of large load capacity, smooth lifting and lowering, no bias load, etc. It is widely used in the vertical transportation of goods between the upper floors of buildings; it adopts heavy-duty chain drive, oil wire rope as insurance, hydraulic explosion-proof oil pipe, with safety devices to prevent overload, with multiple limit switch protection, with open door power-off protection device, with leakage protection device, with multi-layer floor interaction chain, therefore The safety factor of the rail chain type hydraulic elevator is much higher than the traditional electric hoist freight elevator.


3, rail chain hydraulic lift, using oil cylinder and chain transmission, moving parts less, so the maintenance workload operation is simple; rail chain hydraulic lift freight elevator compact structure, the load capacity is relatively large, the load from 500 kg – 30 tons, elevated from 2-25 meters. Guide rail chain type hydraulic lift and lower using its own weight and the weight of the goods, so it is more economical than ordinary freight elevator operation; guide rail chain type hydraulic lift and lower freight elevator using elevator digital display controller, can achieve intelligent control and display, while the line is simple, low failure rate.


The operation requirements of rail type lift freight elevator:


First, according to the instructions on the control box operation


1, before using the lifting platform, please read the instruction manual in detail, in order to understand and master the use of the machine procedures.

2, the operator should be familiar with mastering the safety operating procedures.

3、Before using the guideway lift freight elevator (platform), please check the whole machine, and the relevant parts should be lubricated.

Check the oil tank: Before opening the tank should check whether there is enough hydraulic oil in the tank, such as found to be inadequate and timely replenishment, before work. Check the electrical appliances, the action is sensitive before use.


Second, the use of conditions


1, with 46 hydraulic oil in summer, 32 hydraulic oil in winter, alpine areas and special environments should use the specified brand of hydraulic oil, frequent use every 6 months to replace the hydraulic oil.

2、The rail type elevator (platform) should be used in the environment without strong vibration source.


Third, the use of methods


1、The hydraulic system of guideway type hydraulic elevator (platform) controls the lifting of the platform through the opening and closing of the solenoid valve, and the electrical system is self-locking control.

2, when working, turn on the power, press the “lift” button, the motor will start, the hydraulic system will work, the lifting platform will be lifted, and the travel switch will work when it reaches the standard height, and the platform will stop at the standard height; in the process of lifting the platform, press the “stop” button at any time, and the platform will stop lifting.

3、When the work is finished, press the “down” button, the solenoid will be absorbed, the solenoid valve will be operated, and the platform will be lowered to the original height, press the “stop” button to disconnect the power supply of the solenoid.

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