The new rail lift freight elevator

Guide rail type elevator, large load capacity, smooth lifting, electric hydraulic system, high safety factor, no machine room, with or without pit can be installed. The lifting height, load capacity and table size of the rail type elevator can be customized according to the installation site of each customer. Basically, it can be said that it is suitable for any installation environment. The rail type elevator is widely used in workshop, factory, factory, warehouse, basement, shopping mall, supermarket and other places, and is loved by the majority of customers.

1. New rail lift freight elevator, on the basis of the original rail lift freight elevator, the use of shot blasting rust removal, baking paint and other technologies, so that the equipment color is more vivid, and does not lose color over time, compared with the artificial spray paint, more exquisite, beautiful, and should not be rusted! To a certain extent, extend the service life of the freight elevator!

2. New rail lift freight elevator, using the rail using H-type channel steel, rectangular tube by the plate folded into. The channel steel is hot rolled into shape, the mechanical properties of the channel steel is much greater than the rectangular tube.

3. The new rail lift freight elevator, the installation is simpler, no welding, similar to the steel structure plant construction, according to the installation drawings provided by the manufacturer, the user can easily install themselves. Not only can you better plan the installation time, ready to use at any time to install, and save a considerable amount of installation costs!

4. The structure is simpler, the use of higher efficiency, the customer according to the installation drawings for installation, strengthen the mastery of the structure of the rail lift freight elevator itself, the later use process, a variety of small problems, can be solved at hand, not only save time, money, but also improve the efficiency!

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