Scissor lift platform, mobile lifting platform, self-propelled lifting platform

Mobile scissor lift platform is a kind of vertical lifting, indoor and outdoor widely used aerial work equipment. It can be widely used for equipment maintenance, station, dock, bridge, hall, plant indoor and outdoor machinery installation, equipment maintenance, building maintenance, etc. It is also used for lifting equipment maintenance, field store equipment maintenance, steel structure plant maintenance, etc.

Self-propelled lifting platform with automatic walking function, the whole machine integrated design, built-in point bottle power supply, to meet the different working conditions, no external power supply, no external power traction can be lifted freely, and the equipment walking steering can be completed by only one person. The operator only needs to master the control handle in front of the equipment to complete the equipment forward, backward, steering, fast, slow walking and up and down and other actions. Self-propelled scissor lift platform is flexible, easy to operate, labor-saving to make aerial work more convenient and fast, is the ideal aerial work equipment for modern enterprise safety production.

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