Aerial lift working platform

Self-propelled lift with self-propelled function, can be in the working state, no external power supply, no power traction, free to walk, backward, turning.

Flexible movement, easy operation, lifting and lowering freely, one person operation can be completed.

1、Firm steel plate platform with non-slip surface.
2、Firm steel pipe guardrail is durable. End telescopic track can accommodate larger cargo after extension.
3、Lubrication-free and maintenance-free pivot.
4、Built in lanyard fixing point.
5、Ergonomic joystick controller that can be operated from the platform or on the ground.
6、Low noise makes it possible for the operator to operate in a quiet working environment.
7, large corner steering system provides excellent maneuvering performance.
8、Screw-out battery box and power module allow easy access to components.
9, variable speed motor extends the life of the battery and motor, because the variable speed motor only consumes the energy necessary for the work.
10、The fault diagnosis device on the work vehicle can notify the operator of possible errors.

Self-propelled lifting platform: high chassis suitable for walking on rough ground. The design is durable, reliable and easy to repair and maintain. Diesel-powered models have two-wheel and four-wheel drive and steering.

Free turning device. Emergency descent system. Working height from 4m to 22m, high-grade configuration, high power and highly skilled operating system.

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