Introduction of the advantages of scissor lifts Express

At present, scissor lifts are widely used in various industries such as civil aviation, transportation, metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, container, mold manufacturing, wood processing, chemical filling, etc.

I. Preface

In this era of great technological development, many enterprises in order to improve production speed, the idea of designing equipment that can reduce human and material resources and can better complete the task, which has many places with the double scissor hydraulic lifting platform.
Double scissor hydraulic lifting platform is a lifting mechanism with good lifting performance and wide range of application. Its scissor-type mechanical structure, so that the lifting platform lifting a high degree of stability, can be used for warehouse loading and unloading of goods, airport loading and unloading of goods, and forklift supporting the use of.

Double shear hydraulic lifting platform has many advantages.

1. First of all, hydraulic lifting platform cost is low, most of the hydraulic components to achieve standardization, serialization, generalization, you can directly buy reliable quality standard parts from the market.

2. The hydraulic device is relatively small in size, light in weight, small inertia, compact structure, fast response, and smooth operation. 3. The hydraulic device can be automated and can stop smoothly at any height within its range. 4. Due to the small size and light weight of the hydraulic device, the double-scissor hydraulic lifting platform is easy to use and move.

Second, the design requirements of the lift

1. The working environment of the scissor type hydraulic lift is relatively demanding, its working table must be kept relatively level with the ground, therefore, all airports, terminals are level ground.

2. Choice of transmission mode. The transmission method is divided into mechanical transmission and hydraulic drive. The cost of purely mechanical lifting method is too high, hydraulic drive is relatively cheap, most parts of the hydraulic drive can be bought in the market, of course, must buy reliable quality. Mechanical drive and hydraulic drive compared to higher security, but the mechanical drive requires more power, all kinds of fixed parts damage is very serious, and not good to buy. Of course, the hydraulic transmission of hydraulic lifts are relatively difficult to develop.

3, the safety of the lift
In this modern and fast-paced, a variety of transport loading and unloading more and more aircraft, the market demand for lifts is also growing. The safety of the lift is concerned by many countries, and some countries have set special rules and regulations to prevent such events, or at least to minimize the possibility of such safety events. The lift platform operation area belongs to airports, terminals, and other places. It requires safety, reliability and a high degree of automation.

In order to ensure the personal safety of the storage area managers and improve the safety of lifting items, the safety devices and various electrical protection devices are complete, reliable and easy to operate and maintain. In order to ensure the safety of operating items and the surrounding environment, the platform is required to run smoothly and with good reliability. The design should ensure the reliability of the premise, try to reduce the weight of the mechanism and improve the rigidity of the mechanism for the principle; in the specific mechanism design to implement the principle of standardization and generalization.

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