What are the maintenance methods for different parts of the aluminum lifting platform?

Aluminum alloy lifting platform is an organic whole, each part is complementary to each other, in the work of wear and tear is inevitable, but we can reduce wear and tear, maintenance parts to extend the service life, the following parts maintenance skills.

Aluminum alloy lifting platform easy to wear parts maintenance rules.

Tires: aluminum alloy lifting platform tires is a wear goods, long time use will certainly wear, and aluminum alloy lifting platform tires are also divided into many kinds such as: rubber wheel, bakelite Lun, etc.. Most aluminum alloy lifting platform is equipped with nylon wheels, aluminum alloy lifting platform tires wear a certain degree please replace in time.

Pump station is the key part of all aluminum alloy lifting platform, once the pump station has a problem, that is to say, declare the aluminum alloy lifting platform stop working, in time other parts are good again, without any damage, it is impossible to work. The pump station is composed of very many parts together, among which the most problematic ones are dust ring, O-ring, steel ball, etc. Once these parts are found to be in trouble or worn and damaged during use, the easiest and fastest solution is to replace them.

The strut is a key component connecting the pump station and the rod, the hydraulic cylinder lifting support, the cargo handling load is relying on the strut to support and achieve a balance, because in the handling of goods, there may be overload, bias load and other phenomena often lead to the deformation or fracture of the strut. This phenomenon must happen and the aluminum alloy lifting platform cannot work normally, so contact the manufacturer or purchase a replacement strut in the market.

In the operation of the aluminum alloy lifting platform, the electric control switch is the main operating button, the frequency of use is very high, if there is a key failure and so on, should immediately stop working, and disconnect the power supply, overhaul, do not blindly use, to prevent the occurrence of safety hazards.

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