Lifting freight elevator

According to the type of lift freight elevator can be divided into: scissor lift freight elevator and rail lift freight elevator.

The lifting height of the elevator ranges from 1m to 20m, and special specifications of the elevator can be customized according to the user’s requirements. It is mainly used for up and down transportation of goods at high altitude in factory assembly line, goods warehouse, parking lot, wharf, construction, logistics, etc. The lifting system of cargo elevator is driven by hydraulic pump station, so it is also called hydraulic lift cargo elevator.

There are two types of lift freight elevators, respectively, rail type fixed lift freight elevator and scissor lift freight elevator, both of which are very widely used and can be selected according to the needs of customers, and the height of the lift freight elevator is also determined by the needs of customers. Then the next is a brief introduction to the common classification of lift freight elevator.

Common classification of lift freight elevator.

1, rail-type fixed lift freight elevator, suitable for two or three floors of industrial plants, restaurants, restaurants floor between the transfer of goods, without the upper lifting point, diversified forms (single column, double column, four columns), this lift freight elevator running smoothly, simple and reliable operation, with hydraulic, electrical a variety of protection, economic and convenient transmission of goods. Guide rail type fixed hydraulic lift, widely used in industrial and mining enterprises instead of elevators to lift goods, with a simple structure, large load capacity, long service life, convenient maintenance, practical and other characteristics. Especially suitable for places with shafts underground can not dig the foundation.

2、Shear fork lift freight elevator, the shear fork mechanical structure of this kind of lift freight elevator, so that the lifting platform has high stability after lifting, wide operating platform and high carrying capacity, so that the aerial operation range is bigger, and suitable for more than one person to work at the same time, so that the aerial operation efficiency is higher. This kind of elevator is equipped with protection device to prevent overloading of the lifting platform, protection valve to prevent rupture of the hydraulic pipeline, and emergency descending device in case of power failure, the elevator is suitable for mobile aerial work such as installation and maintenance of aerial equipment in various industries. According to different requirements, different power forms can be selected, plus the manual hydraulic device, can be in the power outage or no power places as usual lifting work, and can be added to the telescopic platform, in the platform length is not enough to extend to the required position, so as to improve the efficiency.

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