Scissor lifts common problems and maintenance matters

For all kinds of large machines, there is a life span because of the machine running time. This will have common problems, and to carry out proper maintenance, about the scissor lift common problems and maintenance is also more strict.

First, common problems with scissor lifts.

Before leaving the factory are checked and debugged, so there are generally no major problems, the machine must be placed on a flat surface, which can prevent it from flipping over at work. In addition for the lift should also be a regular monthly inspection. From there, you can check the state of their work, once the occurrence of the screw loosening, you can deal with it in time to avoid causing accidents.

Scissor lift monthly maintenance

1, when repairing the scissor lift, maintenance personnel must enter the lift to work, must hoist column lift, which can prevent the lift suddenly fall, to avoid casualties.
2, in the monthly maintenance of the lift, you need to check the rollers and intermediate shaft parts, in order to correct its lubrication and wear conditions in a timely manner.
3, and to add lubricant to the parts at the right time, so that the service life of the rotating shaft can be extended.
4, in checking the hydraulic oil, oil surface, if the hydraulic oil color becomes dark, and the oil also becomes viscous, or because there is a foreign body inside and need to replace the hydraulic oil in a timely manner, after all, the hydraulic oil for the machine operation is still very important, can not be sloppy.

About the scissor lift common problems are not much, as long as good maintenance can be well avoided, and the maintenance process is also very careful, not too rough. Otherwise, it will also produce a lot of problems.

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