Scissor lift platform

There are many kinds of lifts, and scissor lift is one of them, which is a kind of platform that uses scissor device to achieve lifting. To understand its working principle, you need to know the driving system, hydraulic system, electric control system and scissor support structure of the scissor lift first.

The hydraulic oil of the mobile scissor lift will be formed by the vane pump after a certain pressure, through the oil filter, pressure-resistant explosion-proof type electromagnetic switching valve, throttle valve, pilot check valve, balance valve into the lower end of the liquid cylinder, so that the piston of the liquid cylinder moves upward to lift the weight, and the door oil at the upper end of the liquid cylinder returns to the tank through the pressure-resistant explosion-proof type electromagnetic switching valve. The scissor lift completes the lifting of the load table through the scissor type support frame, and its power propels the expansion and contraction of the scissors through the expansion and contraction of the cylinder.

1、Added overweight alarm device, not affected by the torque, correct control.
2、Hydraulic tracking and leveling. Safe and reliable, avoiding the danger of poor leveling caused by electrical failure and the unpleasant feeling of the operator caused by delayed leveling.
3、Control system. Scissor lift upper platform adopts electrical full proportional gradual control, lower platform adopts hydraulic multi-valve proportional handle operation, lower platform can control all movements, simple and smooth operation.
4、System diagnosis. The control system is able to diagnose by itself the main types of errors occurring in the system and all components connected to the system, the main faults are indicated by flashing lights with a buzzer alarm.
5、Double backup safety operating system. After the electrical and hydraulic failure or loss of power of the scissor lift, the auxiliary power system is activated so that people on the platform can land safely.
6、Hydraulic system module. Improves maintainability and makes fault checking easy on the basis of ensuring high reliability.
7、The scissor lift provides exquisite protection design. For example, the configuration of cylinder bellows sleeve, sensor built-in, controller shielding, etc. can cope with a variety of complex environmental operations.

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