Trailer boom lifts

1. Traction device:
Traction with double brake system, one is mechanical system, the other is electrical brake.

2. Diesel drive:
Lift drive is optional, power, battery, gasoline engine or dual power (such as: power plus diesel drive).

3. outriggers:
Before working, the equipment needs to open the four legs to ensure safe and stable aerial work.

4. Level sensor:
If the ground is not flat, the level sensor light will turn red; green light indicates that it is on the same level and can work normally.

5. Emergency descent valve:
In the case of power failure, you can use the emergency descent valve to land safely.

Advantage of Trailer boom lifts

  1. Move convenience.
  2. Using new high-quality steel, high strength, light weight, fast erection
  3. Working platform can up, down, extend and reverse, easy to reach barriersworkplace. It is the ideal high-altitude operationsequipment.
  4. Power form automobile engine or car battery original DC power, do not needexternal power.
  5. According to the individual requirements, we can install emergency loweringdevice in case of a power outage, balancing valves,safety devices to prevent aerial lift platform overload, leakageprotection devices lack of protection device to prevent safety explosion-proof equipment hydraulic line rupture .

Towable boom lifts

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