Hydraulic aerial working platform

As an efficient manned aerial working platform, the safety of aerial working platform is especially valued and concerned. From those frequent aerial working platform accidents, human factors account for a large part of it.

How to prevent the four major risks?

1. platform overload
2. Unstable and uneven ground surface
3. Strong windy weather operation
4. hanging heavy objects
5. Changing the weight of equipment components
6. Increase windward area

Prevention of tipping

1. Do not overload the platform
2. Sturdy and level ground for lifting equipment
3. No operation in strong wind
4. not to hang heavy objects
5. do not change the weight of equipment components
6. do not wrap protective rails
7. not wearing seat belts
8. not qualified safety belts
9. guardrail is not properly fixed
10. Climbing out of the guardrail

Prevention of fall

1. check the safety belt
2. Correctly wear the safety belt
3. The mouth of the guardrail is fixed
4. not climbing out of the guardrail
5. line of sight and blind spot when driving
6. platform up and down when encountering obstacles
7. arm position and tail swing when rotating the turntable
8. Platform guardrail extrusion

Prevention of collision

1. check the working environment
2. Pay attention to vision when operating
3. Pay attention to driving speed and tail swing
4. Platform guardrail away from the operating surface for a distance
1. Check the working environment
2. equipment is not insulated
3. contact with low-voltage line
4. Close to high-voltage lines

Prevention of electric shock

1. investigate the surrounding power supply
2. Do not touch the low-voltage line
3. stay away from high-voltage lines

Five principles of safe operation

1. Check the surrounding work environment: operators should be familiar with the terrain, obstacles and other hazards before using the equipment.
2. Always carry out visual inspection before operation: check the equipment according to the requirements of the operation manual, stop the operation if problems are found, and mark them properly.
3. Always conduct pre-use functional tests: Do functional tests as required by the operation manual, stop operations when problems are found, report them for repair and mark them well.
4. Check the work site to avoid dangerous scenarios: Check the work site as required by the operation manual and eliminate risks before continuing operations.
5. Use the equipment only according to the purpose of the equipment: Only trained and qualified personnel with qualifications are allowed to operate the aerial work platform.

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