Fixed lift freight elevator safety operation precautions

Fixed elevator is a special hydraulic lifting platform for transporting goods between building levels. The product is widely used in workshops, warehouses and all kinds of work shelves to transport goods up and down, etc. The product structure is strong, the bearing capacity is large, the size of the aerial working platform is selective, the lift is smooth, the installation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, is economic, practical cargo transportation equipment.

How to operate the lift freight elevator is safe

1、After the installation of the lift freight elevator acceptance, after the installation is completed, the lift freight elevator should be no-load and overload detection, to ensure that the test data in line with national standards.
2, lift freight elevator daily operation, lift freight elevator should be managed by a person, each time before use to check the lift freight elevator performance intact, and no-load lift test, test all normal before use. Lift truck operators should stop the lift truck work when they leave, cut off the power line.
3, lift freight elevator theoretically can not carry people, in all safety check well after the staff can enter the basket; lift freight elevator can not work overload, each lift weight to ensure that the weight below its load, in order to be safe; lift freight elevator daily maintenance must also wait for the lift freight elevator to stop working.
4, lift freight elevator normal operation precautions, lift freight elevator climbing and crossing is strictly prohibited, lift freight elevator accessories such as cable wind rope can not be dismantled. Share from Jinan Lichao lift machinery.
5, lift freight elevator need to set a convenient and reliable contact signal, each layer can achieve contact between.
6, lift freight elevator deformation or abnormalities should be timely maintenance, to avoid causing more damage.

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