Construction lift operation procedures and safety precautions

When operating the construction lift, please note that

1. The construction lift must be operated by the person in charge, and no unrelated personnel are allowed to enter the cage during installation and disassembly or maintenance.
2. When the lift is loaded for the first time in each shift, it must rise from the lowest level, and it is strictly prohibited to go up and down. When the cage is 1-2m from the ground, stop to test the reliability of the brake, and when the brake is found to be abnormal, it must be checked immediately and repaired before use.
3、Fall protection safety device must be managed by the person in charge, according to the provisions of the adjustment test, inspection, repair.
4, cage passenger or load, should make the load evenly distributed, to prevent bias, strictly prohibited overload operation.
5、Operators should work closely with the command staff, and operate according to the command signal, before the lift is not shut down the total power supply, the operator shall not leave the post.
6. In the operation of the cage, if any abnormality is found in the machinery, it should be stopped immediately for inspection and continue to run after troubleshooting.
7. When the lift runs to the top and bottom, it is strictly forbidden to use the travel limit switch to stop automatically instead of the normal operation switch.
8. When the lift stops running in heavy rain, fog and wind above level six, lower the cage to the bottom level, cut off the power supply and reopen it, check each safety device of the lift.
9、After the operation of the lift, lower the cage to the bottom, each control switch is zero, cut off the power, lock the electrical box and power box, close the cage door and fence door, the driver can leave.

Construction Lift operation

1.Open the total power supply of the ground fence power box.
2. Carry loaders and materials according to the rated capacity indicated on the cage nameplate.
3. Close the fence door, cage door and top door.
4. Turn the handle of the total limit switch on the drive plate to the middle position.
5. Pull the handle of the operating switch to the necessary running direction (indicated by the arrow) and the cage can be started.
6. When the cage reaches the required floor, release the handle, the handle points to the zero position and the cage stops running.
7.When installing and dismantling the cage lift or for maintenance, please screw the plus section/running switch of the cage top operation panel into the plus section position and operate at the cage top.
8. When manipulating the high-speed construction hoist past the variable speed collision block without variable speed, you must immediately place the manual variable speed at the low speed level or zero position, stop and check whether the limit switch is normal and the installation position of the variable speed collision block is correct. During normal operation, care should also be taken to control the operating speed. It can only run at high speed when the travel is far enough, that is, the handle can reach a greater angle. When the cage reaches its destination, put the handle on the low speed gear and reduce the speed to stop to ensure the correct position. When the floor is not high and the travel is not far, the operator must control the running speed to low or medium speed according to the actual situation to ensure safety and accurate position.

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