The use of freight elevator and safety operation precautions

1、Preparation work before the freight elevator driving.

(1)The driver should try the freight elevator up and down several times before working every day to check whether there is any fault and abnormal phenomenon.
(2)The driver should verify the role of door contact and door lock first, try to make the gondola movement when disconnecting the freight elevator should stop immediately.
(3) should pay attention to the gondola stopping layer station leveling accuracy, no significant abnormal gap.

2、The freight elevator in the driving precautions.

(1)The driver shall not leave his post during the service time, and shall close the hall door if he has to leave.
(2)The driver shall be responsible for supervising that the load of the gondola does not exceed the rated weight.
(3) Not allowed to load flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods.
(4) Before starting the freight elevator, the freight elevator door must be closed tightly, and it is strictly forbidden to start the freight elevator for general driving under the condition that the freight elevator door is open.
(5) On the top of the gondola, except for the fixed equipment belonging to the freight elevator, no other objects shall be stored; except for the maintenance personnel, no one else shall enter.
(6) freight elevator in the work, wipe, lubrication or repair parts are strictly prohibited.


freight elevator failure or loss of normal work should immediately notify the maintenance personnel repair, such as found to be dangerous or may cause personal, mechanical accidents, should immediately stop using, cut off the total power supply in the machine room, report to the management, to be repaired and detailed inspection, before use.

4、The work of freight elevator after stopping.

(1)When the work of the freight elevator is finished, the driver should return the gondola to the base station.
(2) The driver should check the situation inside and outside the wide lower gondola before leaving, and turn off the lighting.

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