The use of stage machinery lift precautions and maintenance

Now the economy continues to develop, in line with the needs of society, productivity is increasing, and now the aerial operation is also more, so the lift in our aerial operation to bring us very much convenience.

Lift in the usual use of the process need to pay attention to what problems, how to maintain and maintenance.

First, lift use precautions.

1, the lift has been tested and commissioned before leaving the factory, the technical indicators to meet the design requirements, the use of only the power supply, hydraulic and electrical systems do not need to adjust.
2, the lift in use to pay attention to, must be placed on a solid and level ground, to prevent work tipping.
3, press the “up” or “down” button, so that the table lift. If the table does not move, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.
4、If you find that the working pressure of the electric lift is too high or the sound is abnormal, you should immediately shut down the machine for inspection to avoid serious damage to the machinery.
5、Check the working condition of the shaft pin regularly every month, if you find that the shaft pin or screw is loose, it must be locked to prevent the shaft pin from falling off and causing accidents.

Second, the maintenance of the lift.

Hydraulic oil should be kept clean and replaced every 6 months; maintenance and cleaning of the lift, be sure to prop up the safety brace.

1、Monthly maintenance

A. Check the roller, intermediate shaft and bearing; cylinder pin and bearing; boom hinge shaft and bearing lubrication and wear.
B. The above parts are filled with lubricant. Extend the service life of the bearings.
C. Check the hydraulic oil quality and oil level. The hydraulic oil level should be 40-50 mm above the bottom of the tank when the lifting platform is raised to the highest. Hydraulic oil oil color darkening, oil quality sticky, or oil with grit and other foreign matter, should be timely replacement of hydraulic oil. The hydraulic system of the lifting platform should be 32# hydraulic oil.

2、Year-end maintenance

A. Check the hydraulic and pipeline connection parts. The pipe should be replaced immediately if there is damage; tighten the pipe joint if there is looseness in the connection part.
B. Remove and disassemble the descending valve, blow the spool with compressed air and put it back on.
C. Open the oil tank with all the hydraulic oil in it, take out the oil suction filter, wash it and put it back into the oil tank, and install it in the original position. Fill the oil tank with new oil.

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