Vertical hydraulic cargo lift & Scissor cargo lift

With the development of intelligence and mechanization, we use more and more basic convenient mechanical products in our lives. For people as users, were also pursuing a growing number of while being basic convenient. The variety of products we buy can be custom-made, or completely DIY. Cargo lift, with the introduction of industry, more and more factories and warehouses have installed cargo lift. This specific cargo lift can certainly lift items and move those to the floor or location you specify. Let’s take a take a quick consider it. Look at cargo lift. Shipment lift is usually divided into two styles, Vertical hydraulic shipment lift and scissor cargo lift.

Vertical hydraulic cargo lift:

Vertical hydraulic cargo lift is a kind of non-scissor hydraulic cargo lift, which is a very widespread Vertical transportation equipment for goods. In rule, it drives the oil pump through the motor, and relies on the oil cylinder to operate a vehicle the heavy cycle to drive the hydraulic lift shipment elevator to lift. Its widely used in vertical travel of goods between high-rise buildings. Typically the high-strength material of the hydraulic tube and the good mechanical properties, and the tower-shaped trapezoidal guard frame make the lift stand more stable. Perhaps at an height of 30 meters, you can feel its superior easy performance. The procedure mode can be divided into top and lower control, ground single control, and multi-layer control. This product is popular in sectors and fields that require high-altitude work, such as channels, docks, and general public buildings.

The set up and maintenance are basic and convenient, in fact it is an affordable and practical low-floor replacement for lifts. According to the installation environment and use requirements of the lifting system, different optional designs can be chosen to achieve better use results.

Straight hydraulic cargo lift is mainly used to move goods upward and down between various working flooring; at the same time, in view of the strong load and totally customization characteristics, it can be designed as a car lift, like a car lift between 3d garages and subterranean garages.

This design is designed to save space in the garage or your warehouse.

Scissor cargo lift:

In comparison with vertical valuables lift, scissor valuables lift is easier. The primary structure is scissor support and platform. Scissor valuables lift is a kind of valuables lifting equipment with good lifting balance and wide software range. It is mainly used for production line elevation difference. The transport of goods between them, the adjusting of the maximum of the work-piece during assembly, the lifting of components during the set up of enormous equipment, the loading and unloading of huge machine tools, the storage and launching and unloading places are matched with forklifts and other transport vehicles for fast loading and unloading of goods, and so on Using steel framework structure or high strength steel plate framework, the bearing capacity ranges from zero. One to thirty tons, and the item size can be personalized according to user requirements.

Because of to the peculiarity of the scissor cargo lift framework, it has a certain self-height, so it usually requires a pit for set up. However, when it is not being used, the scissor cargo lift can be well concealed and flush with the floor. Some security guardrails need to be installed on system for security reasons. For concealment and beauty, we can also design a detachable guardrail for you, so that the guardrail can be installed when in use, and is removed when not being used.

hydraulic scissor lift table

The design of cargo lift:

Simply no matter what kind of cargo lift, safety is the most crucial thing. All lifts we produce, the hydraulic system is equipped with anti-fall and overload security protection devices to ensure safe procedure. Operation buttons can be wear each floor and the working surface of the lifting system to realize multi-point control.

Not only that, we have been involved in the research and production of hydraulic lifts for many years. Our valuables lifts have a concise and stable framework and can be adapted to high-frequency continuous operation. Not really only that, as a manufacturer, we can offer you with 100% personalized services for cargo raise. For instance, for cargo lift websites, we can design different platforms for you, such as installing rollers, projectiles, or sliding monitors, etc. Different working conditions use requirements.


Cargo lift Company:

If you plan to setup cargo lift for your storage area or if your factory, please come to check with us all, we will provide you with the installation plan relating to your position, and will also provide you with fully custom-made service, have one main of your own design the cargo lift.


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