Vertical Cargo Lift System

The Cargo Lift system is a new hydraulic machine applied for cargo training. The hydraulic tube can be used as the primary power. The large chain and cable rope drive guarantee the absolute protection of the device. Does not require pits in addition to machine rooms, specifically suited to basement, storage place renovation, new cabinets, and so on It is simple to install and preserve, beautiful, safe in addition too simple to operate. This is produced based on the actual environment on the site.

The cargo lift system is appropriate towards the cargo sign among the floors involving professional plants, dining establishments, and restaurants in the second together with 3 rd floors. Typically the minimum height can be 150-300mm, and not any need for upper lifting points. Varied forms (single steering column, double column together with four-column). Typically the equipment has secure operation, simple together with reliable operation, hydraulic and electrical safeguard, and monetary together with convenient cargo sign.


Cargo lift system products have the main details:

1. Control box and board

Each floor can be equipped with some sort of control panel, virtually any panel can be operated to get “upward”,

The “descent” together with “stop” on the program at any stopping point.

2. Hydraulic power unit:

Typically the hydraulic power product involves a motor unit and a hydraulic oil tank, both equally of that happen to be German hydraulic type, This kind of is the very best in the earth. That has incredible electric power characteristics: small together with compact structure,

Light in weight, very efficient, excessive working pressure, reputable performance with zero seepage.

3. Travel switch:

Delixi limit switch model, and it is safeguarded grade is IP65. Convert the physical displacement into an electrical signal so that the running status of the motor unit may be converted in a control status

As a physical action or steps manipulated by some sort of program, this permits that to limit typically the lifting height having high precision.

4. Hydraulic cylinder:

Most of us use high-precision wear-resistant hydraulic cylinders having anti-fall locking gadgets. The oil tube is under stress through the pumping place, plus the hydraulic olive oil within the oil tube cannot return, the particular connecting rod regarding the cylinder is usually forced to surge, plus the hydraulic stress is kept regular, Its surface is usually smooth, compact construction, standard chain push, stable operation, not any deviation.

Advantages involving Cargo lift system:

The flatness involving the platform can be high, while nearly all guide rail gets elevators on typically the market are abrasive.

After shot blasting, the platform material plate is not an easy task to corrode together with rust

Hi-strength material fixed derrick functioning: firmer and less dangerous.

Double insurance: double chain and safe practices wire rope travel, in a case involving chain fracture, typically the wire rope takes on a role throughout safety protection.

Variable point control on various working quantities simple operation: Delixi, Siemens or Schneider (optional for brought in electrical appliances) are widely used for control gadgets, travel switches together with intermediate relays
Most of us use export hardwood cases for packages lift system supplying, together with the key pieces are additionally crammed and reinforced to be able to ensure the safe practices of the things following acquiring typically the goods

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