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Cargo lift China is just a kind of hydraulic lifting mechanical tool accustomed to lifting products. You can make use of it in numerous places, factories, buying malls, and facilities, including your individual use in the particular home. As the manufacturer, we are able to totally customize this lift for you based on your actual needs to meet your own operational needs.

Lifting height 1-12m or customized
Platform size 2000*2000mm or customized
Load 1-20ton or customized
Installation Indoor or outdoor

Details of Cargo lift China:

Cargo lift China, by making use of hydraulic cylinder since the main power and it is driven by weighty chain and metal wire rope to guarantee the absolute safety from the machine. There will be no pit plus machine room, which usually is especially ideal for basement, warehouse change, new shelves, plus so forth due to the fact of its easy structure, Cargo lift China, it will be easy to set up, the protection will be greatly improved, the particular failure rate will below, you can easily sustain, and the make use of cost is significantly reduced.

Cargo lift China Manufacturer, Security measures:

1. Overflow valve: Prevent extreme system pressure throughout the upward movement.

2. Emergency manual control device: When the energy fails, the system can be reduced to the closest floor to open up the door.

3. Hand pump: Once the system fails, the particular manual pump could be operated to pump motor high-pressure oil in order to make the system rise to the particular nearest floor placement.

4. Pipeline brake valve: When the particular hydraulic system pipe is broken plus the platform stores and descends, it may automatically cut away the oil signal to avoid climbing down.

5. Fuel tank oil temperature protection: If the oil temperatures inside the oil fish tank exceed the normal setting value, typically the oil temperature defense device will make a signal to be able to suspend the work with of the escalator, and the lift can easily be started out if the oil temperatures drop.

Packing of Cargo lift China:

Cargo lift China, In order to facilitate installation, we will assemble and test for you in the factory in advance, and then pack them into wooden cases according to each main part, with installation manuals attached.

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