Advantages and disadvantages of scissor fixed lift

Scissor fixed lift can be directly from the ground up loading and unloading, in addition to no need to set the platform, steel frame, professional design of the activities of the lap and smooth connection with the truck compartment, forklift, manual handling vehicles can be convenient, gentle loading and unloading operations; after the completion of the work platform and the ground level, do not occupy the space on the ground, does not affect the passage passage.

Scissor fixed lift is mostly used in automatic production line height difference between goods delivery, goods up and down the line, work assembly to adjust the working height, high to the loading machine feeding, large equipment assembly parts lifting, storage loading and unloading places and forklifts and other handling vehicles supporting the rapid loading and unloading of goods.

Advantages of scissor fixed lift

One, scissor fixed lift because of the platform below the scissor bracket, it is very smooth running when carrying.
Second, the support load is simple
Third, easy to install, as long as the ground is flat and the concrete of the pit is solid, it can be fixed in the pit during installation
Fourth, because the platform is large, the four sides do not need to install rails can also be used, saving a lot of time
Fifth, stable performance, simple operation, large load capacity, low cost, but the net height of more than 10 meters, the number of layers of the struts to be more, maintenance is relatively more trouble, you can add the square tube to do rail, to reduce the wobble, but the cost is higher than the same parameters of the rail type.

Disadvantages of scissor fixed lift

First, because of its own height is relatively high, the site needs to dig a deeper pit.
Second, the scissor lift is composed of a variety of cross-strut, its own height is higher than the rail type lift, which means that the depth of the pit is deeper than the rail type lift, the higher the lift, the smaller the table, the more strut structure, the deeper the corresponding pit.

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