Aerial lifting platform

The main basic parameters of aerial working platform are “maximum working height” and “maximum rated load”. With the increase of these two indicators, the overall size and weight of the whole equipment will increase accordingly. The corresponding equipment will also be sold or rented at a higher price.
At the same time, according to the working environment and requirements, there will be different types of aerial work platforms to choose from.

According to the classification of structure form, it can be mainly divided into curved boom aerial working platform, scissor aerial working platform and mast aerial working platform. According to the form of boom deployment, it can be divided into straight-arm type and curved-arm type. The curved-arm aerial working platform is designed with multi-stage folding arm combination, which is flexible and convenient, and can cross certain obstacles and perform multi-point operation in one place.

Applicable to:

Installation, maintenance and climbing operations in city management, electric power, street lighting, advertising, communication, landscape, gardening, transportation, dock, airport port, large industrial and mining companies and other industries. Hydraulic boarding bridge is a special auxiliary equipment to achieve rapid loading and unloading of goods, its height adjustment function makes a bridge between the truck and the goods platform of the warehouse, forklifts and other handling vehicles through which they can drive directly into the interior of the truck for bulk loading and unloading of goods, also called loading and unloading platform.

The lifting platform is widely used for installation and maintenance operations at height, in addition to being used as a conveyor for goods of different heights. Lifting platform free lifting characteristics have been widely used in municipal maintenance, docks, logistics center cargo transportation, construction and decoration, etc., installed a car chassis, battery car chassis, etc. can walk freely, the working height space has also changed, with light weight, self-propelled, electric start, self-supporting legs, simple operation, large operating surface, can cross the barrier for aerial work, such as 360 degrees of free rotation advantages.


1, high operational stability, curved arm climbing platform, in the chassis structure planning, through the overall planning of the boarding platform and the optimization of the load section, reduce the deviation of the center of gravity. Therefore, in the process of aerial operation, the operational stability is high.
2, multi-functional, active operation of the curved arm climbing platform is driven by diesel engine or battery, the chassis planning is compact, with excellent zero field swing tail rotation ability, can be multi-functional applications. Active action in a limited space.
3, easy to move, compact curved arm structure
Using new high-quality steel, high strength, light weight, direct contact AC or powered by the car itself, fast installation, flexible arm, work platform can be lengthened, can be rotated 360 degrees, its scissor fork aerial work platform mechanical structure makes the lifting platform with high stability, wide working platform and high carrying capacity makes the aerial work range larger, suitable for multiple people working at the same time work direction.

Scissor-type aerial working platform, its mechanical structure makes it have high stability.

It is widely used in aerial work in urban construction, oil field, transportation, municipal, factory and other industries.


1、Light weight, good maneuverability, scissor fork aerials are suitable for single operation.
2, compact structure, small transport volume, can be integrated into the lift car and through doors and narrow passages.

Mast type aerial work platform.

With overload and good working stability. The overall lift guardrail device, good strength, transport height greatly reduces the height of the whole machine, loading and unloading is very convenient, through the lift can be completed assembly or disassembly. The lift has a strong load-bearing capacity, suitable for two people (can carry a certain weight of tools and materials) to climb at the same time, and can also be customized into a variety of non-standard products to meet different needs according to different environments.

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