Aerial work equipment lift freight elevator wire wiring method

Aerial work equipment lift ladder, as the name implies, is a tool used as a ladder, it can be raised or lowered at will, is a very convenient machinery, lift ladder it can be in the workplace for free up or down

Introduce aerial work equipment lifting freight elevator wire wiring method.

1, mediation aerial work platform wire shelter and wire bracket position, to ensure that the wire is U-shaped
2, the wire will be connected to the power box, start the landing machine to check whether the wire around the tangle;
3, the high lift aerial working platform wire firmly in the cable bracket, the wire plug into the socket;
4, put out about 2.5 meters of wire in order to aerial working platform wire to the power box;.
5, aerial working platform with lifting things to hang the wire roll above the cable barrel to prevent the aerial working platform hands to cause chaos.
6, the same way the other end of the wire rope with rope card firmly in the rope wheel wire shelter frame placement.
7, from the bottom of the aerial work equipment lift cargo ladder wire barrel pull out the wire to the power box, do not adjoining for the time being;
8, will be a circle of wires clockwise into the wire cylinder, as far as possible, so that each circle as large, its diameter is slightly less than the diameter of the wire cylinder;
9, in the process of raising the aerial working platform rail frame to place the cable shelter frame at the same time.

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