Aluminum alloy lift

Single column aluminum alloy lift is a kind of aluminum alloy lift, of which aluminum alloy lift can be divided into single column, double column, three column, four column lift, and each use is different.

Single column lift belongs to the indoor type, free action in the foyer, random access to power consumption is small, no pollution, and there is another advantage is that one person work, lift smoothly, work without injury to the ground, work without dead ends. Single column aluminum alloy lift is also widely used in star hotels, large supermarkets and other industries such as halls, plants and other places. It is also easy to assemble the gantry span, labor-saving operation, flexible movement, can cross the height of up to 1.1m fixed seats and other obstacles, and can work steadily on the steps. Made of high-strength rectangular steel pipe, rigid, good stability. Equipped with universal casters, mobile and flexible. The span distance of the two end frames is adjustable, which can be used to cross different obstacles. The two end frames are adjustable vertically, and can be used to work on sloping surfaces or steps with certain slope.

Aluminum alloy lift adopts new aluminum as the main material, with bright color, lightness and beauty, becoming a common aerial equipment in high-grade occasions, for which it has made a great contribution in aerial work.

There are many skills in the selection of materials for aluminum lifts

1, the selection of oil pipe accessories aluminum alloy lift hydraulic oil pipeline material must have degree, to prevent the phenomenon of burst, which has an important impact on the safety and service life of the hydraulic system.
2, the main frame of the selection of the main frame of the aluminum alloy lift support structure requires the use of high strength steel pipe production, this steel pipe to be able to withstand extremely high load, to ensure that the work can fully support the weight of the platform and goods, otherwise there will be a great safety hazard in the work.
3, the selection of hydraulic oil hydraulic system used in the hydraulic oil as far as possible to select the anti-wear hydraulic oil, reduce the friction in the working state of the heat generated.
4, the selection of the table surface aluminum alloy lift working platform quality requirements is that it must have good anti-slip performance, which is out of consideration for the safety of goods or vehicles passing from the platform, sliding when the friction is reduced is likely to make the goods fall from the platform.
5, the selection of tires Aluminum lifts mostly use polyurethane wheels, which improves the stability of the equipment, do not have to worry about the size of the tire pressure, making aerial work safely and smoothly.

Common problems of aluminum lifts

The aluminum alloy lift has been tested and debugged before leaving the factory, and the technical indicators meet the design requirements, only the power needs to be connected when using, the hydraulic and electrical systems do not need to be adjusted.

Lift in use to pay attention to, must be placed on a solid and level ground, to prevent the work of tipping. Press the “up” or “down” button to lift the table. If the table does not move, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. If the working pressure of electric lift is found to be too high or the sound is abnormal, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection to avoid serious damage to the machinery; check the working condition of the shaft pin regularly every month, if the shaft pin or screw is found to be loose, it must be locked to prevent the shaft pin from falling off and causing accidents. Hydraulic oil should be kept clean and replaced once every 6 months; When repairing and cleaning the lift, be sure to prop up the safety brace.

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