Aluminum alloy lift


After the aluminum lift is in the feeding state, the solenoid coil is energized to the clamping arm, the cigarette case is clamped to the set value of the pressure relay, and the pressure relay sends a signal to lift the cigarette case into place. The lower bearing part of the duplex shuttle is located in the hydraulic elevator. below. Lower the clamping arm so that the cigarette case is placed on the lower conveyor belt. At this point, the clamp arm is raised to this point and the duplex shuttle will become the cigarette case after the ramp of the mobile lift platform is in place.


The senior operator sends a signal at the aerial lift platform before sending it to the operator. The progressive cylinder will lower the connection to the neutral position and wait for the next cycle. The lifting speed of the hydraulic lift is not constant. Analysis and Countermeasures After the aluminum lifting platform is put into use, it can meet the basic functional requirements. From the point of view of field use, it is usually difficult to detect the rise and fall of the cigarette case. There is impact noise in the middle and rising.


Check all hydraulic hoses and fittings. The pipes must not be damaged, the joints must not be loose, and tighten all joints. End of elevator maintenance, oil quality and oil level. Lift the elevator completely. In this position, the hydraulic floor should be 40 to 50 mm above the bottom of the case. If the hydraulic oil is considered black, it should be replaced promptly.


Lubricate parts to extend bearing life. Check the hydraulic lift rollers, intermediate shaft and bearings, cylinder pins and bearings, and cantilever hinge shaft and bearings. In any part of the hydraulic system, remove the pressure first to avoid oil pressure injection and the aluminum lift platform will not fall. Do not adjust the safety valve at will. Every part of the hydraulic lift system operates under pressure. Any adjustment of the safety valve may result in incorrect operation of the hydraulic system. When checking under the aluminum alloy lifting platform, you need to lift the platform to prevent the elevator from falling off. Non-specialists should not disassemble the equipment to prevent electric shock or poor connection.


Aluminum alloy type lift is a multifunctional lifting and loading machine. Aluminum type lift is divided into four wheels mobile lifting platform, two wheels traction lifting platform, car modification lifting platform, hand push lifting platform, manual lifting platform, AC / DC lifting platform, battery mounted lifting platform .


When the aluminum alloy type lift is working normally, there is no dust and no fumes should be emitted. Therefore, lubricate the equipment after using it for a period of time. According to the survey, there are misunderstandings about lubrication and replacement of the equipment in practical situations. This needs to recognize the misunderstanding of maintenance of aluminum alloy type lifts and allow the implementation of the equipment.


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