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Hydraulic lifting platform standard operating procedures.

1, the hydraulic lifting platform operating procedures

1, lifting platform factory has been strictly debugged, arbitrary adjustment of the regulator, will make the system non-normal operation. Non-professional personnel shall not arbitrarily adjust the regulator.
2, the platform before use to carefully check the hydraulic, electrical systems, no leakage or bare phenomenon, all parts of the coupling and fasteners are not loose before use.
3, lifting platform work shall open the legs, to draw to the black and red dividing line is appropriate, as far as possible to obtain the maximum support area, adjust the height of the legs, so that the platform level (to walk the wheel will leave the ground shall prevail), if necessary, you can use pillows.
4, turn on the power, start the motor, for no-load lifting, check the hydraulic system is normal and then load the load to use.
5, the center of gravity of the load should be as far as possible in the center of the work table. Protection rails at both ends of the movable door should be closed and locked before work.
6、The lifting platform should work strictly according to its prescribed load capacity, overload work may lead to injury to personnel and equipment. Lifting platform in the process of rising and falling strictly prohibit the operator to walk, shaking.
7, lifting platform work with abnormal noise, should immediately stop to check, so as not to cause equipment and personnel injury.
8、After the work is finished, the platform should be lowered, cut off the power supply, and collect the legs and push the platform to the designated position.

 2, the hydraulic lifting platform safety operating procedures

1、Prohibit the work at height when the legs are not supported or the support is not in place.
2、Prohibit the aerial work when the platform is moving.
3、Prohibit aerial work that requires electric operation.
4、Prohibit aerial work under the rated load.
5、Non-electrical professionals are not allowed to disassemble electrical appliances to prevent electric shock or misconnection.
6, the lifting platform rising state into the internal maintenance of the lifting platform, shall be suspended from the lifting platform to prevent the lifting platform to fall on its own and cause casualties.
7, disassembly of any part of the hydraulic system, must be in the state of complete pressure relief.
8, pay attention to the surrounding environment, avoid collision with electrical wires, electrical equipment and other facilities.
9、Working conditions for the wind is not more than 6 levels, the table load must not be greater than the rated load.
10、Check whether the platform is intact before starting, and whether the guardrail and other safety devices are intact.
11, the lift up high, the operator must pay close attention to the distance from the object above, to avoid collision with the human body up high.
12, the lift to a suitable height, there are conditions where the application of rope will be lifts and objects above the link as one, if necessary, the staff should be tied to the safety belt to avoid shaking too much out of an accident.
13, the lift to move the use of position or walking, must be lowered to the minimum lifting platform, retrieve the four legs of the lift, cut off the power before moving.
14, more than six levels of wind, the use of lift operations is strictly prohibited.
15、When the lift is working, no one is allowed to stand within 2 meters around, to prevent injuries from falling objects.
16、All structural parts shall not have serious desoldering, deformation, corrosion and disconnection, cracks, etc. The operator of the high platform shall wear a safety belt.
17、The lift should be operated by at least two operators, and the operation should be supervised by someone, and the guard should be firmly stuck.
18、Lift to operate smoothly, always pay attention to the situation above, to prevent tools from falling and injuring people.
19、If abnormalities or oil leaks are found, it should be stopped and promptly entrusted to the relevant units for repair, not to be used in a faulty state.

3, the hydraulic lifting platform emergency fall

Note! Only used in emergency situations. When the lifting platform is working on a sudden power failure or lifting platform up when a sudden failure, so that the lifting platform can not fall to perform this function. Use a screwdriver or other tools, hold the support valve spool, and then the spool to the inner pressure, the hydraulic oil will automatically release pressure, the cylinder return oil connected, the platform by its own weight down, until the original height.

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