Application areas of mobile docking bridges


Detailed description of application fields.


Mobile boarding bridge is now a relatively hot topic in the field of logistics transportation loading and unloading. When it comes to tools for loading and unloading, although there are many kinds, such as: car tailgate, stacker, etc., the role of fixed hydraulic boarding bridge for loading and unloading is irreplaceable by these kinds of equipment.


Fixed hydraulic boarding bridge is also known as the height adjustment plate, it is a special equipment to achieve rapid loading and unloading of goods in fixed occasions. Among them, high-frequency, high-volume and loading and unloading of overweight goods are difficult to replace by other tools. At present, it is widely used in docks, airports, warehouses, cargo platforms and other places.


Now the construction of some modern large plants and warehouses, generally have a design higher than the ground fixed platform, which is between the ground and the platform there is a certain height difference, which blocks the handling vehicle into the carriage, but only manual loading and unloading, fixed hydraulic boarding bridge is designed and manufactured for this special situation, using it can freely adjust the height of the function, can smooth the platform and Different height of the carriage link together, so that a variety of handling vehicles can quickly enter the carriage for loading and unloading operations without obstruction.

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