Benefits of installing mobile scissor lifts


Mobile scissor lifts are multifunctional mechanical lifting and loading equipment.


Scissor lifts are divided into: four-wheeled mobile lifts, two-wheeled traction lifts, car conversion lifts, manual push lifts, crank lifts, AC/DC dual-use lifts, battery-powered car lifts, lifting heights from 1m to 30m.


The mobile scissor lift has a large load capacity, smooth lifting, simple and convenient installation and maintenance, and is an economical and practical low-level lift, which is ideal for cargo transportation equipment. According to the installation environment and use requirements of the tail lift, choose different optional configurations to get a better use effect.


Mobile scissor lifts are used to transport goods between floors of a building. The product is mainly used for transporting goods up and down between the various working floors; the car lift between floors is used in 3D garages and underground garages. The product’s hydraulic system is equipped with safety protection against falls and overloads, and can be configured with operating buttons on each floor and working surface of the lift platform for multi-point control, and the lift product has a sturdy structure.

The mobile scissor lift exceeds the limited weighing capacity of ordinary lifting platforms, and its upper limit can weigh tens of tons to nearly 100 tons. Simple and easy to maintain, and more convenient to install than ordinary forklifts.


The benefits of mobile scissor lifts are numerous! It is commonly used in construction sites, hotels, warehouses, airports, stations, docks, stadiums and other high-rise buildings, maintenance and sanitation as well as in the installation of overhead equipment for power equipment overhead pipelines on site. Ideal for ensuring operational safety and improving efficiency, this equipment makes working at height more comfortable and faster.

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