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Boom lift belongs to aerial lift, can be used for indoor and outdoor high-altitude operations.


self-propelled, self-supporting leg, easy to use, large working area, overcome obstacles, multi-point aerial work

Towable boom lifts

Towable boom lift

Vertical reach: 10m/12.5m/13.5m/14m/15.5m

Horizontal reach: 3m/3.4m/3.8m/4m/4.2m

Type: trailed

power supply: diesel engine, battery


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Self-propelled articulating boom lift

Self-propelled articulating boom lift

Rated loading capacity: 180kg

Max lifting height: 8m/10m/12m/14m

Type: Articulated

Power: storage battery and diesel engine.


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Application for boom lifts

Aerial work lifts such as our boom lifts,widely used in highways, dock, shopping malls, gymnasiums, residential properties, warehouse workshops and other occasions.

Video display of boom lifts

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