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4(four) Post Car Lift for sale

It is a commonly used means of transportation in garages.


HONTY produces the best four-post car lifts, which are relatively cheap for many people. Our four-post hydraulic car lift can also be used in garages and residential. If you have requirements for the space size of the four-post car lift, you can talk to our designer in detail. In addition, we also provide some accessories for customers to choose, if you have installation needs, you can also contact us >>.

Application and features for 4(four) post car lift

  • Flexible use, automatic leveling;
  • High-strength double-chain transmission, high safety factor;
  • High-precision hydraulic transmission, stable lifting and low failure rate;
  • Large displacement silent pump station, fast lifting speed, low operating noise;
  • Transfer vehicles conveniently and efficiently, reducing installation, operation and maintenance costs.

Parameter Table

model load capacity platform size travel height pit depth power
HTCL3-3 3000kg 5*2.5m 3m 200mm 5.5kw
HTCL3-6 3000kg 5*2.5m 6m 200mm 5.5kw
HTCL5-3 5000kg 6*3m 3m 200mm 7.5kw
HTCL5-6 5000kg 6*3m 6m 200mm 7.5kw
4(four) post car lift is customizable in loading capacity, platform size and travel height.

4(four) Post Car Lift Optional Accessories


4 post car lift FAQ

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