Double deck scissor car lift

Double car lift for safe

Double deck car lift, used in home garage and basements, convenient and space-saving.

Double deck car lift Details


Q 345 support rod


travel switch


pin shaft


safety trip bar


skidproof platform

deceleration strip


hydraulic cylinder


hydraulic motor


hand control

control button

Features and video display for Double car lift

  • If you have more than one car, the double-decker car lift can save you more space and maximize your garage utilization.
  • Remote control, save time.
  • It can bear the weight of all cars and is safer.
  • Customize the appearance to match your site environment and make it more beautiful.

Parameter Table

model standard option
Lower platform load 3000kg 2000kg / 2500kg / other
Upper platform load 3000kg Static (Dynamicmovement available upon request) 2000kg / 2500kg / other
Dimensions available for lower platform 2800 x 5800 mm 2700/3100 x 5000/6000 / other
Dimensions available for upper platform 3000 x 6000 mm 2900/3300 x 5200/6200 / other
Available height 2000 – 3400mm According to your height
Double Deck Scissor Car Lift is customizable in loading capacity, platform size and travel height.

Double deck car lift Optional Parts


Double deck car lift FAQ

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