Car lifter operating procedures and operating procedures

Car lifter operating procedures explain.

Car lifter machine before use should check whether the fasteners are loose in transport or use, the lubrication parts, screw, filament mother, guide wheel, walking wheel whether to add wheel slip, all ready, the power supply and four columns and travel switch lines, in accordance with the order of electrical control are connected to the terminal block behind the electrical cabinet.
After the power line is connected, press the total motion up, down, single machine up, down, touch the stroke switch of each column by hand whether it works, lift button switch indication whether the same direction as the lift, such as different, please power line or motor line of the two-phase line interchangeable position can be.
No load test without problems, before the load lifting. Load lifting, lift the machine down to the lowest position, and the four-post lifting machine to push the fork can be four wheels up position, according to the total move up switch, the lifting machine began to lift the car, to the highest position, any one machine touch the travel switch, it can automatically stop.
Single machine lift switch is used to adjust each column fork, in adjusting the balance, must be carried out in the case of up and down travel switch does not work.

Main points of interest.

Car lifter in lifting work, all personnel are strictly prohibited to enter the car below, to prevent unsafe accidents.
After the work of the car lift, the power switch must be pulled to the “OFF” position.
Car lift in the lifting process, should not rely on the upper and lower travel switch stop. Because the travel switch is the upper limit and the lower limit control, so, when using should be based on the actual working height stop, in order to avoid the travel switch repeatedly lift collision, and lead to damage.
Work nut insurance mechanism of the outline ball seat and insurance nut clearance is less than 7mm, should immediately replace the work nut, do not rely on the full insurance mechanism, so that the work nut full wear until.

Maintenance and care.

This machine should be wiped and cleaned frequently to keep the appearance of the lifter clean.
The bearing of the upper and lower end of the silk cylinder should be lubricated once every two years.
Guide wheel and walking wheel should be lubricated once every two weeks.
Silk cylinder, silk mother should be oiled and lubricated once a week.
The speed reducer should be filled with 00 grease once every two years.
Before working every day, should first check the work nut insurance mechanism, the factory clearance between the platform ball seat and the insurance nut is 11±1mm, wear to 7mm below, indicating that the work nut has been seriously worn, should be replaced immediately. In addition, often check the up and down travel switch, whether the action is sensitive and reliable, to ensure the safety mechanism is safe and reliable.
The friction plate of the electromagnetic clutch should be checked regularly for wear and tear, and should be replaced immediately if the friction plate is found to be damaged. If the nut slips after stopping, adjust the spring adjusting bolt of the clutch to increase its friction force and stop the sliding.

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