Car lifter

First: car lifter wire rope

Daily inspection: should be carried out once a day to check the fixed place of the wire rope and the visible part of the wire rope.
Regular inspection: at least once a week, carried out by competent personnel.
Check the full length of the rope: the fixed part of the rope; the part of the rope around the pulley; the fixed device of the rope end; the sliding situation of the rope and its fixed device; the broken wire of the rope and the corrosion situation.

When there is one of the following conditions, the wire rope should be scrapped.

a, in 72mm length, external broken wire more than 9 or more than 19 in 350mm length.
b, when there is broken wire gathered in the same rope strand or concentrated in a very short range.
c, when the whole rope strand appears broken.
d, due to wear and tear, the outside diameter of the wire rope when the reduction exceeds 7%, as well as the wire rope has obvious wear and tear inside.
e, when the wire rope other damage, such as internal corrosion, wire rope deformation, rope core damage.

Second: the car lifter hydraulic tank maintenance

(1)Car lifter hydraulic tank oil level: every shift should check the oil level through the oil mark, the oil level below the oil mark should be added in a timely manner 30 hydraulic oil, refueling, the oil tank oil plug can be removed, through the oil window refueling, the oil level should be checked when the working platform is in the lowest position.
(2) hydraulic oil replacement: change the equipment after three months of inauguration, and then change the oil once a year, when changing the oil, first clean the oil tank and then inject No. 30 hydraulic oil.
(3) the set pressure of the safety valve: once a year to check, you can unscrew the screw plug on the valve seat of the tank and install the pressure gauge Y-60ZT (20MPa) to observe. After adjustment, the safety valve will be locked (the pressure gauge is self-provided).

Adjustment of the length of the wire rope.

Check once a month after the equipment is inaugurated, and once a quarter afterwards, and the adjusting nut should be locked tightly after adjustment.

(1) When the table is in the lowest position, the wire rope inside the 4 columns must be pulled tight.
(2) 4 safety hooks should be hung into the square hole of the pegboard synchronously.

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