Car lifting platform

Car lifting platform is a special equipment dedicated to car lifting, can use mechanical or hydraulic two ways to lift the vehicle, the equipment runs smoothly with little energy consumption, safe and reliable, used in parking lot supporting construction.

Car lifting platform features.

● Mechanical room partition setting, clearing the noise of operation in the lift road.
●No need to drive oil pressure when descending, saving energy.
It adopts the design of non-stage variable speed, which is smooth and safe in lifting.
●The structure of the platform is designed to save the lifting area.
●External remote control can be operated fully automatically in the car.
●The original imported sliding door or special stainless steel door is beautiful and fast.
●Chain-breaking throttle to prevent falling, safe and reliable.
●PLC control circuit, fast maintenance and stable performance.
●Elevator type manual operation panel, beautiful and durable.

Car lifting platform use instructions.

●Generally speaking, if the basement parking lot is not very large, a good way to save the space of the ramp driveway to reach the basement is to design a car lift platform.
● Car lift platform, also known as car elevator, is a hydraulic elevator platform that people and vehicles drive into at the same time, and in descending to the basement parking building, people and vehicles drive out of the lift platform at the same time to reach the underground parking lot directly.
● It can also be designed to be used in two to three levels of above-ground parking lots.

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