Two post cargo lift

Two post cargo lift for sale


Hydraulic vertical cargo elevator can transfer materials from one floor to another in factories, warehouses, factories, institutions and other places. It can quickly, effectively, conveniently and safely access sandwich furniture, balconies, basements and any floor in multi-storey buildings. It can be installed in indoor and outdoor applications.

Two post cargo lift-1
Two post cargo lift-2


  • Chain type lifting platform, with flexible lifting range, large bearing capacity, compact structure, and lightweight.
  • The platform is stable, easy to operate, safe, and reliable.
  • The pit shall be 15 cm-30 cm and the maximum height is unlimited.
  • Customized according to the environment.

Two post cargo lift model list

different specifications of products cost different

model load capacity(kg) platform size(mm) travel height(mm) pit depth(mm) dimension(mm)
HTTPCL-4.0 300 1200*1500 4000 200 1550*1650*6000
HTTPCL-2.4 500 1000*1000 2400 200 1350x1150x4500
HTTPCL-3.3 500 900*1300 3300 200 1250x1450x5300
HTTPCL-3.0 800 1100*1200 3000 200 1450x1350x5000
HTTPCL-6.0 1000 800*900 6000 250 1300x950x8000

If you do not have the specifications you need, you can directly contact us to design a diy cargo lift for you!

Video display of two post cargo lift