Chain Guide Rail Type Lifts

Guide rail hydraulic lifting platform is a non-scissor fork hydraulic lifting platform, used for the transportation of goods in industrial plants, restaurants and hotels above the second floor, due to the low height of only 150-300mm, used in workplaces where pits cannot be excavated, the top floor height cannot reach the required occasions and other relatively difficult to solve the narrow space.

The special hydraulic lifting platform for transporting goods between the storey heights of buildings. The products are widely used in workshops, warehouses and various work cabinets to transport goods up and down between floors; garage floor height between car lift, etc.

1. Hydraulic lifting platform (hereinafter referred to as the platform) has been tested and debugged before leaving the factory, the technical indicators have reached the design requirements, only need to be connected to the power supply when using. Hydraulic electrical system does not need to be adjusted.
2. Platform before use to carefully check the hydraulic and electrical systems, no leakage or bare phenomenon before use.
3. Platform for a long time out of use, before use should be empty running 1-3 times before loading operations.
4. The center of gravity of the load should be in the center of the working table as far as possible.
5. The movable doors at both ends of the protection rails should be closed and pinned before operation.
6. If the fixed platform has a guiding device, check the guiding mechanism to ensure good guidance before lifting operations.
7. When using, first start the motor button, then start the lift button; if you need to stop and then press the stop button, you can stop at any time, and the platform can be limited to stop automatically when it reaches a high place; if you need to descend, please press the down button; it can also stop automatically when it reaches the low place of descent.


1. Connect the power supply, such as motor rotation lift does not rise, may be the motor reversal, switch any two of the three power lines can be.
2. When the platform is in use, the working surface should be kept horizontal.
3. Platform in the lifting state or stop in the high position under the platform is strictly prohibited to enter.
4. platform in the lifting process, all personnel climbing is strictly prohibited.
5. The hydraulic valve is strictly forbidden to adjust privately.
6. Overload operation is strictly prohibited during the use of the platform, the goods should be safely and firmly placed on the workbench.
7. The hydraulic oil used should be kept clean, not mixed with water and other impurities.
8. When the platform fails, cut off the power supply in time for maintenance.
9. If you need to repair the equipment, the platform should be raised to the top firm before repair.
10. When the platform has a large failure, should promptly notify the manufacturer for maintenance, to exclude.
11. It is strictly prohibited to use on the sloping surface.

Maintenance and maintenance

1. The equipment should be operated, maintained and regularly maintained by a person.
2. Before using the platform should check the hydraulic electrical system without leakage or bare phenomenon before use. When using the equipment should pay attention to observe whether there is a strange noise, noise, and should be timely solution to deal with.
3. Hydraulic oil is generally replaced once every six months of continuous work. Choose N32 anti-wear and pressure resistant hydraulic oil in winter. In summer, use N46 anti-wear and pressure resistant hydraulic oil.
4. Often check the lubrication of the hinge parts, timely filling of lubricating oil to prevent dry friction phenomenon.
5. Check the pipe joints and fasteners frequently for looseness, and tighten them in time.
6. Platform axis pin connection parts and roller parts should be regularly filled with lubricant, generally every 150 hours of work with grease once, oil injection should be comprehensive, and should ensure that the lubricant can be injected into the internal mechanism.
7. Synchronous chain and associated rotating parts should be regularly lubricated with oil to prevent rust and corrosion, once a month.
8. Check the sensitivity of the switch button and the limiter before use, and check the motor for noise.
9. The hygiene of the equipment pit should be kept well, and the ground should be cleaned once a week.
10. When the operation is completed or the equipment is not used for a long time, the platform should be lowered to a low position and the power supply should be cut off.

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