Classification and application of hydraulic lifts

Hydraulic lift is a very widely used equipment for vertical transportation of goods. With its high safety factor, large load, stable lifting, small investment, low operating cost, energy saving and environmental protection, hydraulic lift has become the most widely used product in the field of lifts. Lifting platform emerged with people’s demand for vertical transportation, as long as human civilization. The original lifting platform used basic power methods such as human, animal and water power to lift the weight. According to the different lifting structures, hydraulic lift freight elevators can be divided into scissor and fork hydraulic lift freight elevators and rail chain hydraulic lift freight elevators.

1. scissor-type hydraulic lift it is a vertical lifting equipment, is a kind of special lift for goods transportation, in indoor and outdoor have a wide range of applications. Scissor hydraulic lift is named due to the use of scissor lift structure. The scissor fork structure resembles the shape of scissors and uses rectangular manganese steel pipe or high strength steel plate with high steel strength. The drive system uses electro-hydraulic drive to drive the freight elevator up through the hydraulic cylinder. Due to the large load of hydraulic scissors driven hydraulic lift, the lift is safe and stable. It is mainly used for the transportation of goods up and down on the floors of warehouses, workshops, hotels, cafeterias, etc. It has a wide range of application.

2. Rail chain type hydraulic lift. It is a kind of hydraulic lift without shear fork, which is a very widely used equipment for vertical transportation of goods. It drives the hydraulic lift by motor-driven oil pump and relies on the heavy chain driven by oil cylinder. Due to the use of hydraulic pressure as the lifting power, it has the characteristics of large load and smooth lifting. The chain hydraulic lift adopts double-row chain drive, which greatly improves the safety factor. The small-load chain hydraulic lift adopts wire rope leveling and insurance, and the large-load chain hydraulic lift adopts chain leveling and insurance, so the chain hydraulic lift has a high safety factor and is widely used for vertical cargo transportation between high-rise buildings. When choosing a hydraulic lift, the site environment must be considered. Installation of scissor hydraulic lifts requires deep pits to consider waterproofing. Scissor hydraulic lifts are generally used in indoor water-free environments. Guide rail chain hydraulic lift products are inherently low and cannot be dug in pits with fixed guide rails. When choosing a lift, all aspects of the situation should be taken into account.

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