Classification of boarding bridges


Boarding bridge in modern logistics site has been a very easy to see the structure of the form. It is the starting point and the end of the logistics chain of enterprises, is a fast and safe turnover of products and goods loading and unloading operation platform. Classification of the boarding bridge.


First, mobile boarding bridge


Mobile hydraulic boarding bridge is widely used in the loading and unloading platform without loading and unloading equipment and mobile loading and unloading places, and it is the auxiliary equipment for goods used with forklift. With the help of this equipment, the forklift can directly drive into the interior of the car for bulk loading and unloading operations. It only needs single person operation and no power supply to realize the safe and fast loading and unloading of goods. It can not only make you reduce labor intensity, but also multiply the efficiency of loading and unloading operation, speed up the flow of materials and obtain greater economic benefits.


Second, fixed boarding bridge


Fixed hydraulic boarding bridge is a special auxiliary equipment to achieve rapid loading and unloading of goods, its height adjustment function makes a bridge between the truck and the warehouse platform, forklift and other handling vehicles through it can drive directly into the truck for bulk loading and unloading of goods, only a single person operation, you can achieve rapid loading and unloading of goods. The boarding bridge makes the enterprise reduce a lot of labor, improve efficiency and obtain greater economic benefits. The characteristics of the boarding bridge products.


  1. Fully hydraulic drive, convenient operation and reliable operation.
  2. The lip plate and the platform are connected by the whole long shaft, with high strength and good reliability.
  3. Imported seals are used to ensure that the hydraulic system has excellent sealing performance.
  4. Imported integral modular hydraulic station, good sealing, long service life.
  5. High strength “U” shaped beam design can guarantee its high load long time operation without deformation.
  6. The use of non-slip patterned steel plate, so that the platform has good anti-slip performance.
  7. Both sides are equipped with anti-rolling foot skirt to prevent accidental injury caused by toes sticking into the platform.
  8. There is a support bar to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel entering the interior of the boarding bridge for maintenance.


Third, the tractable mobile boarding bridge


Tractable mobile boarding bridge is a kind of mobile boarding bridge that can be tractored by forklift, tractor, etc. It is developed by combining the technology of flatbed trailer traction frame, with heavy-duty universal wheel and detachable traction bar that can be rotated to both sides in the front section, and the universal wheel can be rotated to the lower end when it needs to be moved, and the traction bar can be installed, which can be simply and conveniently tracted and moved. Product features.


  1. The front end of the boarding bridge is equipped with a walking gimbal mechanism and a traction mechanism, which makes it easy to move the bridge.
  2. The main beam is made of national standard high strength 25# section steel, with stable and reliable quality.
  3. Extended length of the upper platform, forklift operation has enough space to adjust the loading and unloading angle, to prevent the phenomenon of slippery slope, safer operation.
  4. Adopting large tonnage outriggers and two auxiliary outriggers, with strong supporting capacity and stable and durable axle.
  5. The front axle adopts one-piece design.
  6. Anti-skid mesh is set on the bridge part, which has good anti-skid function.
  7. The axle design is compact and firm to prevent the axle from getting fouled after dynamic load.
  8. Load: 6~12 tons.


The use of the boarding bridge safe, fast, so practical products believe that we also basically understand, but also hope that through the understanding of this article can buy their own satisfaction with the boarding bridge.

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