Common types of lifting platform

1.Single mast lifting platform

It is mainly supported by a single mast to support the working platform, and its emergence time is relatively early. Its main advantage is that it is light in weight and flexible in movement. However, this kind of lifting platform is only suitable for single person operation, so there are limitations in the number of people working.

2. Double mast lifting platform

It is obtained by the improvement of the single mast lifting platform. Since it is a double mast structure, the load capacity can be greatly increased, and the area of the platform can be appropriately increased. And, it is possible to get a large lifting capacity in a small space. In the application, it is mainly used for the installation and maintenance of power lines, overhead pipes and lighting appliances, etc.

3.Three mast lifting platform

Three sets of masts are used to support the work platform for lifting and moving. In terms of advantages, it is mainly for good work stability, high strength and easy loading and unloading. And, because of its large carrying capacity, two people can work at the same time, and the operator can carry some tools and materials, etc., to facilitate the work.

4. Multi-mast lifting platform

On the whole, it is made of high-strength aluminum profile, so as to have good stability and to increase its load capacity. Moreover, this kind of lifting platform can be moved flexibly and has a light appearance. Therefore, it is very wide in application. In addition, the angle of this lifting platform, in terms of deflection and swing, is very small and negligible.

These are the details of the different types of lifting platform in the process of use, and generally know how to choose the most suitable for you after reading.

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