Design highlights of electronic control system for lifting platform

Guide rail lift freight elevator is a hydraulic lifting machinery and equipment used for lifting goods, using hydraulic cylinders as the main power, through the heavy-duty chain and wire rope transmission, to ensure the safety of machine operation. Without pit and machine room, especially suitable for having basement, warehouse transformation, new shelves, etc., with easy installation and maintenance, beautiful, safe, easy to operate, specific production according to the actual environment of the site.

The operation of the lift freight elevator is completed by a number of systems in cooperation, of which the electronic control system of the lift freight elevator is an important component, just like the heart of a person, so today, Henan rail lift freight elevator manufacturers to take a specific understanding of the lift freight elevator electronic control center.

1、The control system uses microcomputer PLC control.
2、The guide rail adopts cold-drawn T-type guide rail.
3. door chute for special profile chute.
4. the car, hall door, door cover, summon panel all use hairline stainless steel; 5.
5. layer door interlock with safety contact switch;
6. each layer door is equipped with locking device, with double safety protection.
7、Outcall elevator is equipped with floor indication, door opening and closing status indication, arrival prompt and floor selection indication.

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