The correct use of the dock ramp, you must first learn how to install


First: dock ramp basic principle.


  1. As one of the main tools for loading and unloading goods in the warehouse, the boarding bridge plays a very important role in the whole process of loading and unloading in the warehouse. Now more and more enterprises and warehouses have installed fixed boarding bridges. Due to the mechanization of materials and tools, the running cycle of goods is accelerated and the number of loading and unloading of goods is increased. With the increase in the number of vehicles, fixed bridges are used as bridges between forklifts and carriages.


  1. Suitable places for boarding bridges are large enterprises, warehouses, stations, terminals, warehousing and logistics bases, postal transportation, logistics distribution, etc., where loading and unloading vehicles are frequent and there are many types of vehicles.


Second. Understand the operation process of the boarding bridge.


Lift the head: press and hold the button and lift the plank. When it reaches the highest position, the small cylinder starts working and the panel opens.

Work: Release the button and adjust the platform to descend slowly under the action of self-weight.

Tail: When it is loaded, press the button and lift the board, the small slide automatically resets, when the board rises to a certain height, release the button and adjust the platform to reset slowly under the action of self-weight, the whole working process is finished.


Third. Installation of the boarding bridge.


Installation of the boarding bridge requires experienced personnel with certain installation experience and technology, or certificates issued by relevant units to ensure that the installation is reasonable, scientific and durable. Avoid repeated installation and commissioning, affecting the use.

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