Fixed dock

The working principle of fixed docking bridge:


  1. rising process:


press the button, the bridge rises, when it rises to the highest position, the small cylinder linked with the lip plate starts to work, and the lip plate starts to open.


  1. working process:


after the lip plate is fully extended, the button can be released, at this time, the bridge will slowly descend by its own weight and finally lap to the top of the truck car, then it can start working.


  1. Descending process:


After the operation is finished, press the button to raise the big board, the lip board will also be automatically reset, when the big board rises to the highest position, release the button, then the big board bridge will slowly descend to the state parallel to the platform surface by its own weight. (Note: only after the small plate and the big plate completely vertical before you can release the button).


Fixed boarding bridge mainly has three parts, the base, bearing plate and power system. The base is fixed with the loading dock, the bearing plate is divided into the main board and the lap board, when used by the power system to raise the main board, the lap board starts to rise after the main board is completely in place, when the lap board rises to the same level as the main board, the rise stops and drops to the carriage floor. At this time, the bridge between loading and unloading platform and truck completes the lap, the moving tools can quickly and safely go back and forth to work in the car. The height adjustment board is widely used in industrial, commercial, agricultural and other warehouses, logistics and distribution centers. At present, fixed boarding bridge has become an indispensable product now.

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