Fixed hydraulic lifting platform

Fixed hydraulic lifting platform products hydraulic system is generally equipped with fall protection, overload, power failure and other safety protection devices, the product structure is strong, smooth lifting, easy to install and maintain, is an economical and practical alternative to elevators in the low tied layer of the ideal goods transport equipment. According to the installation environment and use requirements of the lifting platform, you can choose different fixed hydraulic lifts, choose different optional configurations, to complete the task of lifting goods, to achieve better results. If the size of the use requirements is large, you can use fixed double-span hydraulic lift, double-span lift smooth, large load capacity, simple operation, widely used in vehicle maintenance, furnaces, chemical plants, equipment and other industries.

Product advantages:

1, safe, smooth, fast, large load;
2、Safety hydraulic system with protection and overload (optional);
3、Adapted to continuous operation;
4, manganese steel shear fork arm, high strength, hardness, no deformation;
5, chrome-plated piston 杄ry * not deformed, long service life;
6, platform table: non-slip pattern plate, steel plate, roller, rotating, can be tilted any custom.
7, using imported cylinder seals;
8、Emergency drop device in case of power failure;
9, can be equipped with additional safety guardrail.

Fixed hydraulic lift is suitable for installation and use in various environmental conditions inside and outside the room. It can be installed in the closed shaft or open floor according to the requirements of use: installed in the concave pit or on the flat ground.

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