Frequently asked questions about mobile scissor lifts

Mobile scissor lift is a multi-purpose special equipment. With its bifurcated mechanical structure, the lift table has a stable lifting force, a wide operating platform and a high carrying capacity, which makes the aerial work wider and suitable for multiple people to work at the same time. This makes the work efficiency high and safer.

First. How to use the scissor lift platform

1. Before using, please support the four legs of the platform horizontally and firmly.
2. Turn on the power and operate the lifting button on the electric control box to lift the platform.
3. Operate the button above, the platform can be raised (when the platform can not be raised, the motor will rotate in reverse. Just change the wiring sequence of the power cord, the motor can rotate forward); operate the button below to lower the platform.
4. The platform is equipped with remote control button, which can also be operated up and down when standing on the platform.
5. The platform is equipped with an emergency lowering valve for emergency lowering operation in case of power failure. The platform can be lowered slowly by loosening the lowering handle counterclockwise by hand. After tightening clockwise, the platform stops descending.

Second, common problems and troubleshooting methods

1. The table is weak or can not be lifted

Common problems cause.

1)Heavy load
2)The oil return valve is not closed
3) Gear pump serious oil leakage
4)Gear pump damaged, no pressure of pump oil
5)Insufficient hydraulic oil
6)broken circuit
7)Filter clogged
8)The action of backup valve or solenoid reversing valve fails: A: The input voltage of solenoid coil is less than 24V

The spool is stuck

Problem solving methods.

1)Reduce the load
2)Tighten the oil return valve
3) Replace the oil pump seal
4)Replace the gear pump
5)Add enough hydraulic oil
6)Check the contactor and button fuse etc.
7)Replace or clean
8)Refurbish or replace

Common causes of hydraulic oil problems

1)Loose joint
2)Damaged seal

Problem elimination method.

1)Tighten the gasket at the oil leak
2)Check and replace
3. Sliding under the workbench common causes of problems
1)The shut-off valve is not closed properly
2) Oil leakage from the connection part of oil pipe or valve

Troubleshooting method.

1) Tighten the shut-off valve or check valve
2)Tighten or replace the seal
4. The table does not fall smoothly

Common problems caused by

1)Overload of load leads to unstable strut.
2)Severe partial load
3)Strut is severely deformed due to accident.
4)Air is trapped in the oil circuit.
5)Dirty oil
Exclusion method of gross disease.
1)Reduce the load
2)Adjust the key of load
4)Add enough hydraulic oil
5)Replace hydraulic oil

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