Full self-propelled scissor lift

Fully self-propelled lifting platform in the lifting state can be operated on the table mobile walking, operation and use more convenient and flexible, only one person in the aerial work can operate the machine to continuously complete the lifting, forward, backward, turning and other actions, compared with the traditional hydraulic platform greatly improve the efficiency, reduce the number of operators and labor intensity. The fully self-propelled lifting platform is especially suitable for continuous high-altitude operation in a large area such as airport terminals, stations, docks, shopping malls, stadiums, community properties, factories and mining workshops.

1.Safety protection

When the whole vehicle tilts more than 3 degrees, the machine will automatically enter into the protection system and only allow the machine to have the descending action to the safe state before normal use. The full self-propelled lifting platform is equipped with safety plate device in the lower part of the bottom car, as long as the platform is raised, the safety plate on both sides will be opened in working condition, so that the distance from the ground is reduced to avoid tipping accidents caused by uneven ground when walking at height. The self-propelled scissors aerial working platform is equipped with oil pipe explosion-proof system at the oil cylinder.

2. Stepless variable speed

All self-propelled lifting platform needs only one person to operate, all the movements are controlled by operating handle on the working platform, and the motor is steplessly variable speed. It effectively prolongs the service life of the battery and motor, and the motor only consumes the energy when working.

3. Large angle steering system

Full self-propelled lifting platform design large angle steering system, making the machine has excellent flexibility.

4. Disc brake system

Fully self-propelled lifting platform adopts hydraulic disc braking system, the wheels are always in the braking state when the machine is stopped, and can be reliably braked when the slope is 6 degrees.

5. Intelligent charging system

The fully self-propelled lifting platform is equipped with a fully automatic charger, which can automatically complete the whole process of charging, and will automatically stop charging after the battery is full.

6. Extension platform

Full self-propelled lifting platform working platform can be moved out, expanding the scope of work, can meet the special needs of some users.

7. Overload protection

Fully self-propelled lifting platform has overload protection function, which has a compulsory protection role for the personnel who are not familiar with this equipment.

8. Self-diagnosis function

The full self-propelled lifting platform has self-diagnostic function, customers can quickly grasp the equipment’s own work status in time, better maintenance of this equipment.

9. Green environmental protection

Because the machine uses DC battery power, the machine can be safe and quiet for indoor or outdoor work.

10. Intelligent walking system with self-judgment function

The driving part of the fully self-propelled lifting platform walking is divided into a system consisting of dual control and dual motors. In the process of driving, through the detection of the steering angle, the controller makes the motors output different rotational speeds respectively to achieve the differential speed function between the wheels when walking and steering. At the same time, because each motor is controlled by a separate controller, the tires will not slip when there is overhang on the uphill and downhill.

11. Emergency device

The fully self-propelled lifting platform is equipped with an emergency descent system.

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