Guide rail hydraulic lift freight elevator

Product characteristics.

Guide rail hydraulic lift freight elevator is mainly used for transporting goods between building floors, the product hydraulic system is set up to prevent falling, overload safety protection device, each floor and lifting platform work surface can be set up to operate the button to complete multi-point control. The product structure is strong, the load capacity is large, the lift is stable, the installation and protection is simple and convenient, it is an economic and useful equipment for transporting goods between low floors instead of traditional elevators. According to the installation environment and application requirements of the lifting platform, different optional equipment can be selected to obtain a better use of the role.
Hydraulic freight elevator overcomes the lack of limited gravity of general elevator type freight elevator, and can weigh tens of tons to nearly 100 tons of goods. The protection is simple and convenient, and the installation is also convenient compared with the general freight elevator.


The hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic lift freight elevator is made of high-strength raw materials and good mechanical function, and the tower-shaped ladder-like guard frame makes the lifting platform have higher stability. Even at high altitude, you can also feel its excellent smooth function. The product is widely used in the warehouse, workshop, building layer and other occupations and fields.
Fixed hydraulic lifting and lowering freight elevator manufacturing and large assembly line equipment of fixed hydraulic lifting channel, electric hydraulic unloading channel, the need for on-site installation.
Fixed hydraulic lift freight elevator choose steel frame structure or high strength steel plate structure bearing capacity from 0.1 to 10 tons, product scale can be customized according to user requirements. Operation mode can be divided into up and down control and ground single person control, also can be multi-layer control. Fixed hydraulic lifting platform is mainly used in production lines and warehouses, paper, medicine and other occupations, as a delivery elevator, transport goods, lifting smoothly, safe and reliable, convenient protection, economic and useful. Manufacturing and large assembly line equipment of fixed hydraulic lifting channel, electric hydraulic unloading channel.

Problems arising from the use of lifting freight elevators.

1、Lifting freight elevator in the lifting process presents the situation of fast and slow, very unstable.

Lifting freight elevator lifting unstable reason analysis.
Hydraulic system composition and operating principle of lift freight elevator hydraulic system is an important part of the lift freight elevator, mainly by the motor oil pump, valve plate, overflow valve, safety valve, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pipeline and other components.
From the viewpoint of the site lift freight elevator operation, often present the rising position is difficult to detect to find the neutral, rising with impact noise, hydraulic cylinder oil seepage and other phenomena. The site observation is the lift hydraulic cylinder lifting speed is too fast, resulting in increased failure rate, seriously affecting the production power. Lifting freight elevator lifting instability to analyze is the element of hydraulic oil flow.
Causes the rail type hydraulic lift freight elevator lift unstable elements.
When the lift freight elevator has the feeding conditions, so that the electromagnetic coil energized generics clip arm will smoke box clamping, to reach the set value of the pressure relay, the pressure relay announced a signal, the smoke box up in place, the low transport part of the duplex car to the lift freight elevator below, clip arm down, so that the smoke box to the low delivery machine, at this moment generics clip arm up to a higher point, in place, the duplex car to send the smoke box to the next level Before the conveyor, the high level conveyor to lift the freight elevator under the photoelectric switch to announce the signal to raise the cylinder to lower the apparatus to the middle position, waiting for the start of the next cycle.

The quality of hydraulic oil is not good, there are a lot of impurities, but also blockage will lead to slow speed, lifting instability, in addition to the following other reasons.
1. Lifting hydraulic circuit composition. Oil pump relief valve, reversing valve, reversing valve, one-way saving valve (no saving), raise the cylinder.
2. Cylinder diameter and the flow of hydraulic oil. The speed of the lift cargo elevator is inversely proportional to the piston rod cross-sectional area of the cylinder, and proportional to the flow of hydraulic oil. Cylinder diameter is fixed, when the speed of the lift ladder slows down, the priority should be analyzed from the hydraulic oil flow point of view.
The output speed of the hydraulic cylinder of the executive element of the elevator decreases negatively; in order to make into a positive number, so add a negative sign in the formula. Substitute into the lift freight elevator, to save the import speed regulation circuit speed stiffness into the larger the value, the better the hydraulic circuit speed stability.

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