Guide rail lift freight elevator installation


Product structure of guideway lift freight elevator


Guide rail lift freight elevator belongs to freight equipment, its structure includes working table surface, hydraulic lifting device, rail assembly and fall arrest device, working table surface is connected with hydraulic lifting device, fall arrest device is set in the lower part of the working table surface, rail assembly includes 4 rails and is set symmetrically on the left and right sides of the working table surface, hydraulic lifting device includes two sets, each set of hydraulic lifting device includes cylinder guiding mechanism, hydraulic cylinder The hydraulic lifting device includes two sets, each set of hydraulic lifting device includes hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder connecting support ears, sprockets and chain, the cylinder guiding mechanism includes cylinder guiding frame, cylinder guiding wheel and roller, the front and rear ends of the cylinder guiding frame are set with sprockets, the sprockets are connected to the working table through the chain, and the lower part of the chain is set with a limit switch on the working table.


Attention is required:


This equipment is set with anti-fall device, when the chain breaks accidentally, the anti-fall device receives the signal and pops up automatically to ensure that the working table will not fall due to accident, so that the working table is safer to use, more stable and other features.


Guide rail type lift freight elevator for the loading of goods:


(1)Do not overload, do not jump in the ladder.

(2)Do not knock the operation key.

(3)When unloading, do not block the ladder door with goods, occupy the elevator for a long time.

(4)When there is “overload” prompt, you need to quit one person or part of the goods.

(5)Pay attention to the cleanliness and keep it neat and tidy.

(6)When there is a stop, please press the alarm for help.


Features of the rail lift car:


Due to the characteristics of goods transported, the car of freight elevator is made of ordinary carbon steel material, without decoration requirements; the bottom of the car is made of thicker patterned steel plate, which is convenient for load-bearing and preventing goods from slipping. When the freight elevator carries goods with larger weight or carries goods by trailer or cart, the load will be concentrated on a small area at the bottom of the car, so that the car bears concentrated load; when the trailer goes in and out of the car, the car will be subjected to great bias force, so that the guide shoe, guide rail, car frame and so on are subjected to large load; besides, after the trailer enters the car, it often keeps in the middle of the car, so that a great bias load is generated. Due to these characteristics of freight elevator, different requirements are put forward for its structure design, and at the same time, when using the elevator, goods should be placed in the middle of the car and avoid concentrated load as far as possible. Sometimes the freight elevator also adopts the straight-through car and opens two directly opposite car doors to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods or to match the factory building structure. It should be especially noted that it is strictly forbidden to use the car with two opposite direction open doors as a channel.


Installation instructions for guideway type elevator:


1, according to the drawing requirements of the pit, pre-buried parts and the pit ground flush, rail lift freight elevator manufacturers will design different drawings according to the different products of each free to provide customers.

2, with expansion screws will be iron plate (iron plate size can let go of the rail can be) fixed in the bottom position of the placed rail, and then the rail will be welded on the iron plate, while the top will be connected, so that it is fixed firmly up and down. Place the cargo ladder table in the pit, adjust the platform to the level of the table and the ground, and weld the bottom of the platform with the pre-built parts firmly.

3、Weld the rail wheel on both sides of the platform (the inner side of the four corners). Then the guide rail will be vertical in the position of the guide wheel on both sides of the platform, and the guide wheel (according to the method on the photo of the guide wheel) will be placed in the guide rail, so that the guide wheel can slide freely in the guide rail.

4、Find a professional electrician to install the control box, put the lines in order, and connect the lines according to the manufacturer’s instruction.

5、Connect the power supply to start the equipment, check whether the guide rail and the host fit are intact.

6、Adjust the upper limit travel switch: lift the platform up to the specified position, confirm that it is intact, and install the limit switch.

7、Trial lift freight elevator platform in the lifting process, the guide wheel shall slide smoothly in the guide rail, so that the lifting platform lifting smoothly. No noise, no strange sound.

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