Guide rail type lift freight elevator


Product Description.


Guide rail lift freight elevator belongs to the special industry equipment, must be licensed full-time operator operations. Operators must be familiar with the performance of the elevator before use, and carefully read the use and maintenance instructions.


Guide rail lift freight elevator use operating procedures.


1, it is prohibited to use the lift ladder as a manned ladder.


2, it is forbidden to remove any safety protection measures on the lift freight elevator (for example: remove or bundle the travel switch on the protection door, remove the upper and lower limit switch, open or remove the floor protection door lock, remove the protection door on the lift platform, etc.).


3, it is strictly forbidden to short the lift freight elevator maintenance door, fence door, platform door and other electrical switches and safety devices.


4, non-operators are strictly prohibited from arbitrarily adjusting the relief valve on the hydraulic station. (Each component in the hydraulic system is working under the specified pressure, if the relief valve is adjusted arbitrarily, it may cause abnormal operation of the lifting platform, and there may be unnecessary damage to people, machines and things.)


5, before removing any part of the hydraulic system of the lift cargo elevator, the pressure must be released first, so as to avoid the hydraulic oil spraying out, the table drops, injuring people and things.


6, in addition to professional maintenance personnel, other personnel are strictly prohibited to enter the lift table under or in the channel. When you need to enter the lift under the maintenance, you must hang or top lift worktable to prevent the lift from falling, causing unnecessary casualties. If the freight elevator falls, the personnel under the working platform must go to the refuge pit to take shelter.


7, it is forbidden to lubricate or repair the parts when the elevator is running.


8, lift freight elevator in the beginning of the inspection and maintenance, should be set up in the lift freight elevator each layer of the fence door with good safety warning signs and protective fence. (Such as: under construction, please do not close the gate and other signs).


9, lifting platform is strictly prohibited to use overload or long-term heavy load high stagnation.


10, lifting platform goods are strictly prohibited beyond the platform running.


11, lift freight elevator is not used when placed to the location, disconnect the power to the platform door, service door and peripheral protection door to close the lock.


12, such as lift freight elevator operation is not normal, should immediately press the emergency stop button, close the total power supply, check the fault. After the fault is removed, the first pointing test machine, no problem and then start using.


13, lift freight elevator use is completed, make the class running records for the archives.


14, please lightly open and close all protective doors (including car or platform counterweight door, floor fence door, repair door, etc.)

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